Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd

Hellenic Web Banking Service

The Hellenic Web Banking Service offered by Hellenic Bank provides reliable and non-stop informational and transactional services fast, easily and above all with maximum security.


Everything is done in real-time, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from anywhere in the world. With the creation of two on-line banking versions (for Personal and for Business), Hellenic Bank customers can now enjoy electronic banking products and services with beneficial terms and conditions as well as favourable interest rates, such as, the Electronic Current Account (Net Account), Electronic Fixed Term Deposit Account (Net Fixed), Electronic Loan (Net Loan), the creation of one use virtual card number for safer purchases over the internet (Net Secure Card), sending of Net SMS messages and set-up of SMS alerts (Net Alerts) for continuous information to customers through their mobile phone.


Through the Business version of “Hellenic Web Banking” customers can also upload electronic batch files for automatic execution of payrolls and other multiple transaction files.

Hellenic Web Banking Service

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