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Application for the Opening of an Account - Issuing of a Debit Card (individuals)

The following application for opening an account / issuing of a debit card applies for potential customers (individuals) above the age of 18 (requests for the opening of joint accounts are not processed through this channel).

After submitting your application, a Hellenic Bank officer will contact you, within one business day, to arrange for a meeting. Please note that during your scheduled meeting at the Bank you will need to present your identity card (for citizens of the Republic of Cyprus/European Union) / passport (for citizens of the EU or outside the EU) and recent proof of address (copy of a utility bill). In case of students, proof of attendance will also have to be presented. You may also be asked to provide further information.

Account Opening Branch
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Customer Information
First Name
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Last Name
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Type of ID *
ID         Passport
Country of Issue of ID / Passport *
ID / Passport Number *
Expiry Date of ID / Passport
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You own second passport / identity? *
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Type of 2nd ID
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Country of Issue of 2nd ID / Passport
2nd ID / Passport Number
Date of Birth *
Place of Birth *
Country of Birth *
Country of Residence
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Country of Tax Residence *
2nd Country of Tax Residence
3rd Country of Tax Residence
Tax Identification Number
2nd Tax Identification Number
3rd Tax Identification Number
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Are you a US Tax Resident? *
Yes        No
US Tax Residents can state their US Tax Residence Social Security Number.

If you are exempt from the deduction of special defence contribution on interest, please complete the relevant declaration and present it to the Bank when a meeting is arranged. Any queries you may have regarding the completion of the declaration should be addressed to your tax advisor.
Male        Female
Education *
Marital Status *
Customer Permanent Address (with latin characters)
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Street Name *
Street Number *
Municipality / Community *
District *
Postal Code *
Telephones / Email (fill in at least one phone number - Home, Phone or Mobile)
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Other Contact Number
Email Address *
Employment Type *
Employment Sector *
Profession *
Business (short description)
Annual Income (€) *
Financial Details
Sources of Incoming Transfers
(Physical Person, Legal Person, Organisation who will be sending transfers e.g. the name of employer for payroll transfer)

Destinations of Outgoing Transfers
(Physical Person, Legal Person, Organisation to whom transfers will be sent)

Source and Size of Wealth
Countries Involved in Incoming/Outgoing Transfers
Requested Products (fill in at least one type of account or one type of account and a Debit Card)
Type of Account
Type of Debit Card
Additional Products: PayBand
(available for VISA cards only)

Yes        No Color *
Web Banking Credentials *
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Other Information
Would you like to receive by SMS information for services or facilities provided by Hellenic Bank?

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Would you like to receive informational, promotional or advertising material from Hellenic Bank?

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Do / Did you or any of your first degree relatives hold / held political office during the last 12 months
(e.g. Head of State, Minister, Member of the Parliament, Member of the Supreme Court, Attorney General, Member of the Audit Service, Ambassador, General Chief of the National Guard, General Deputy Chief of the National Guard, Major General Chief of Staff of the National Guard, Semi Governmental President of the Board, Head of Political Party)?
Yes        No
Please explain:
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Personal Data

Terms and Conditions
 Before applying, please confirm that you have read the Bank's Declaration - Consent for the processing of personal data and the Basic Terms and Conditions of use of Hellenic Bank services and indicate your acceptance of them by checking this box.

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