Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd

Products and Services

"A complete range of possibilities for portfolio building and asset diversification"

By closely working with Hellenic Bank Private Banking, you collaborate with some of the world’s leading financial institutions with access to a range of products and services including:


  • Mutual Funds & Services ( in all major currencies)
  • Equity Funds (country funds, index funds, regional funds, sector funds, small and mid cap funds)
  • Bond Funds (short and long term high quality, high yield, emerging markets, convertibles)
  • Money Market Funds
  • Equity brokerage services in all major international stock markets
  • Brokerage services in government and corporate bonds
  • Structured products including capital guaranteed instruments
  • Lending
  • Deposits
  • Full Custody services


If your investment capital exceeds €300.000 we encourage you to experience the advantages of Hellenic Bank Private Banking, the most direct banking and investment service available to our clients.



Products and Services
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