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About Us

About Us

Operating internationally since the beginning

Group Financial Institutions has been operating internationally since inception and has built up an efficient worldwide network of business relations with more than one thousand correspondent banks.


Through Group Financial Institutions, a successful channel of communication has been built up to manage Global Banking relationships, to handle all Hellenic Bank NOSTRO and VOSTRO accounts and to ensure prompt and efficient execution of all international banking transactions.


By strengthening business relations with robust financial institutions, Hellenic Bank can provide favorable and secure business conditions for the execution of all client international transactions as well as the provision of an improved range of products and services.


Hellenic Bank joined EBA Step 1 to ensure efficient, cost effective, same day execution of all outgoing cross country international payments and also participates in SEPA and TARGET 2.


The Bank also cooperates with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the confirmation of Letters of Credit and trade related Guarantees issued by Eastern European banks.



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