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About Us

About Us

"Custodian services of superior service and quality..."


The Custodian Department offers cross-border investors custodian services of superior service and quality, with high levels of security and reliability. 


These services are offered, both at local and international level, through a select network of sub-custodians. Custodian services are also offered to Mutual Fund Management Companies and Managers of International Collective Investment schemes listed in Cyprus and  other jurisdictions.



Fee Structure

The fee structure is simple and straight-forward enabling customers to easily understand it. Fees charged vary according to the specific account activity and the markets involved.



Historical Background

Whereas tailor-made custody services were offered by the Bank through its International Department since 1986, the Hellenic Bank Custody Unit was established in 2000. In 2006, after continuous efforts by Hellenic, custodians were admitted in the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) as members of the Clearing and Settlement System. The Hellenic Bank Custody Unit participates also at the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) as a member of its Clearing and Settlement System.




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