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Business Credit Lite
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Card Fees

Annual subscription €10
View the fees of your card here

Terms & Conditions

The product is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank Cards.

Legal notes

The Bank may, in its absolute discretion, reject or approve any application according to its policy.

Features and Benefits
Why choose this product?
Complimentary access to Flight Delay Pass
Complimentary access to Virtual Personal Assistant
Participation in Mple Reward Scheme and other Incentives and Offers
Interest free period in case monthly amount due is settled in full
Participation in installment schemes at selected merchants in Cyprus
Control your card and review your transactions through the Mobile App
Banking at your fingertips
Digital Wallets
Digital Wallets

A fast, simple, and secure way to pay. Use your Hellenic Bank cards with our Digital Wallets. The easiest way to pay with any Smart device. Forget about your card or wallet. Pay seamlessly whenever and wherever you like: online, in apps, and everywhere contactless payments are accepted.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mobile App
Hellenic Bank Mobile App

Manage your finances easier and faster using Hellenic Bank Mobile App. Instant payments to your friends via Contact Pay, Biometric identification for authorisation of transactions, tracking your account balances and savings from anywhere. Whenever you want, wherever you want...we are brining your Bank to your fingertips. 

 Fast & secure payments with Apple Pay
You don’t have to carry your wallet anymore, pay using your mobile phone or your watch
Apple Pay
Enjoy all the benefits of your Hellenic Bank card with Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Using Apple Pay is simple, and it works with the devices you use every day. Your daily transactions have never been faster or more secure.
Mple Rewards Scheme
It's nice to get rewarded regularly
In case you need more information
Find your answers at the questions people mostly ask
How can I issue a card?

You can issue a card by simply visiting one of our branches.

How do I set up my card notifications?

There are multiple ways to enable card notifications.

  • Download the Hellenic Bank Mobile App and enable alerts on your device οr
  • Set up your Card Alerts via Online Banking under the “Alerts” section or
  • Call our Customer Contact Center at 8000 9999 or +357 22 500500 (from abroad), for assistance with setting up alerts. This option is valid for phone numbers that are already registered with us
How does my card provide security to my transactions?

You can use your card with confidence, since we make sure to monitor any suspicious activity. The 3D Secure Safe@Web will make your online transactions safer and you can even freeze or unfreeze the card at your convenience through the Hellenic Bank Mobile App.

What can I do if I have forgotten my card PIN?
  • You can retrieve your PIN through the Hellenic Bank Mobile App or
  • You can call the Customer Contact Center. The PIN will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS
What shall I do in case of loss/theft or unauthorized use of my card?

In case of loss, theft or unauthorised use of your card, you must immediately report the incident through the Hellenic Bank Mobile App or report it at the below contact numbers:

  • Customer Contact Center 8000 9999 (from Cyprus)
  • Customer Contact Center +357 22 500500 (from abroad)
  • JCC +357 22 868000 (outside of the Bank’s working hours)


I am planning to travel abroad, what should I do?

We may need to contact you while you are away to verify that certain transactions on your card are legitimate.
In case that you intend to use your card abroad at a country that fraud restrictions are applied by the Bank for security reasons, you should notify us and the restrictions will be removed from the card for the period of the specific trip.

How can I monitor my card transactions?

You can monitor your transactions through the Hellenic Bank Mobile App or through Online Banking.

How do I get rewards through the Mple Rewards Scheme?
All information pertinent to the Mple Rewards Scheme can be found here.
What is cash withdrawal via Cashback?

Cashback service is offered for Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

  • During the processing of a purchase from a store that offers Cashback, up to 100 euros can be withdrawn in cash
  • Cash withdrawals with Cashback are free of charge 
  • Type your personal code (PIN) as is the case with cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • The amount is charged to your card and you receive the money requested from the store cashier
  • The Cashback service is available only when you present your card and not through digital wallets
Can my card spending limits be increased if required?

You can apply for a temporary or permanent change these limits by visiting a branch.

I have entered my PIN incorrectly three times at an ATM, how can I fix this?

For security reasons your card will be obtained by the ATM after entering your PIN incorrectly three times. You can collect it from the Bank during working hours.

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