Overdraft limit
Flexible borrowing to cover your business needs
Manage your daily business payments freely up to your overdraft limit
Overdraft Limits
  • 24-hour Online Banking Services
  • Connected to your business cards
Revolving credit facility, reviewed annually

according to the turnover of your company and working capital needs

Interest rate
Interest rate

charged only on the utilised amount and calculated on a daily basis


Arrangement fees are payable based on the overdraft limit amount


floating charge on company’s assets, corporate guarantees (for group of companies) and other collaterals (where applicable)

Overdraft limit set to best suit your working capital needs
Payment of operating costs (payroll, utility bills, running costs)
Purchase of inventory
Financing of accounts receivable
Payment of the suppliers
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What is the interest rate of the overdraft limit?
The interest rate of business facilities is determined based on criteria evaluated and applied by the Bank and varies with each borrower’s risk profile, as well as the specific characteristics of the financing request (duration, repayment schedule, collateral package etc).
What are the required collaterals?

The granting of a new facility is subject to the Bank obtaining satisfactory guarantees/securities.

Indicatively, the minimum requested collaterals include:

  • 1st mortgage on the property financed
  • Floating debenture on company assets
  • Assignment of receivables and insurances
  • Corporate guarantees


The Bank reserves the right to request for additional collaterals according to its lending policy at the time. 
What types of documents are required for an overdraft application?

To evaluate your application and as per regulatory requirements, the below documents are required, among others:

  • Corporate documents and other KYC information
  • Audited and management financial statements for previous years and the current year
  • Copies of tax returns/declarations
  • Business plan with projected cash flows
  • Evidence of loan purpose
  • Title deeds for the mortgaged properties


The above list of required documents is indicative and may be supplemented with additional information requirements depending on each case. For more details, please contact your Relationship officer.

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