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My Account 18-30

My Account. My Own Account!

Hellenic Bank’s new current account  «MyAccount 18-30» is specially designed for ages 18-30.



My Account 18-30

Through simple and easy procedures and numerous advantages, «MyAccount 18-30» fits perfectly to the needs of the younger generation:




The new current account characteristics are as follows:


  • 50% discount on all cash withdrawals charges* from Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) abroad
  • 50% discount on all charges* for purchases over the internet in foreign currency
  • Mastercard Connect debit card
  • Free basic travel insurance when purchasing airline tickets with Mastercard Connect
  • Net Banking with free digiPIN device
  • Free e-Statement service (account balances through electronic mail)
  • Without cheque book and without account management fees
  • SMS Alerts service via mobile phone for card transactions
  • Participation in Card promotional activities periodically announced.


Rules and regulations apply. For a complete explanation of the rules and regulations please refer to any Hellenic Bank branch or contact Service Line at 8000 9999.


(*): Hellenic Bank Card Charges


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