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1. Intellectual Property Rights

All the information on this website including all images is the copyrighted material of Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd (hereinafter “Hellenic Bank”), except as otherwise indicated. Copying, downloading, republishing, distributing or reproducing any of the information contained on this website, in any form is prohibited, without the written consent of Hellenic Bank, unless otherwise indicated and unless it is intended for personal use.

2. Exclusion/ Disclaimer of Liability

These provisions regarding the exclusion of liability of Hellenic Bank must be read carefully since they exclude or limit the liability of the Bank when this website is used.

Although Hellenic Bank has tried to provide accurate and timely information, the contents of this site may not be accurate, complete or current and may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. The information on this site is provided as a convenience to visitors and it is for information purposes only. Decisions based on information contained in our site are your sole responsibility. Hellenic Bank shall in no way be deemed responsible to indemnify persons/bodies using this site, for any damage and /or loss and or expenses that were occurred and /or will occur to any person/s and or body/ies as a result of the use of such information including amongst other things, economic loss, loss of reputation and/ or damage that could have been reasonably foreseeable.

The use of the website (including the downloaded material ) is at your own risk and we cannot guarantee to the users that it will not cause damage to any property. We also shall accept no liability from damages that may incur from changes made to the website by unauthorised third persons.

3. Personal Data

Hellenic Bank is committed to the protection, in the highest degree possible, of the personal data of the users of this website and lawfully to process these data, pursuant to the provisions of the legislation regarding Processing of Personal Data.

In this context and amongst its other obligations, Hellenic Bank undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the users of this website to any third parties unless such disclosure is required by Law or if the users of the website provide their consent thereto.

4. Changes to the terms of the website

Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd has the right ex officio, on the same day/unilaterally to change this website’s terms and conditions.

5. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions

Non compliance with these terms and conditions by any user, grants the right to Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd to take all necessary measures and to take all necessary actions to protect its rights and claim damages where it considers that its interests were damaged.

6. Enforceability

In case that any term or condition of use of this website is made and/or declared as unenforceable this will not affect the application and/or enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions.

7. Applicable Law

The use of this website is governed by Cyprus Law.

8. Use

All the information contained herein or in any source that the website provides a link to, is intended for personal use and information purposes only and is not intended to be made available or used by any legal or natural person in any jurisdiction that its distribution and/or use would be contrary to national Law.



Warning in relation to the use of the name of the Hellenic Bank by third parties     


Hellenic Bank calls upon its clients and public to be very careful and not to rely on references and/or representations by third parties and/or companies and/or businesses that they are partners and/or have any relationship with Hellenic Bank unless such information is clearly and expressly contained at the Bank's official web-site and/or has been positively confirmed by the competent officers of the Bank. Hellenic Bank has no liability whatsoever in relation to such references and/or representations and advises its clients and the public to contact Hellenic Bank as soon as they become aware of any such reference and/or representation.

By using the website I declare that I accept the terms and conditions of use.

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