More than just traditional banking
Alongside traditional banking products, the Hellenic Bank Group also provides a wide range of financial services that include factoring, brokerage services, insurance, portfolio management, investment banking, mutual funds, private banking and custodian services.

The Hellenic Bank Group has adopted a customer centric structure to enable it to meet the differing requirements of its wide and diverse client base. To this effect, a number of Business Divisions have been formed to cater for particular client segments, supported by a number of corporate support Units.
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Our Vision is to be customer's primary bank in Cyprus because of the Customer Experience that we offer and to be recognised as the Safest, most Reliable partner, always supporting customer’s aspirations.

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serving you whenever you need us and when it really matters.


to our tradition as your safest and most reliable partner.


Displaying personal, human touch and respect.

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Years of experience in the banking world 
During the 90s, the bank evolved into one of the most important banks of the island. In 1991 Hellenic Bank acquired the assets of Barclays in Cyprus. Created subsidiaries for Investments and insurances, and expanded the Branch network in Greece, Russia and South Africa.  
In 2018 Hellenic Bank acquired the former Cyprus Cooperative Bank’s assets and liabilities, further expanding its position as the leading retail bank in the county. Since then, with its strong capital adequacy ratio, strong liquidity, and its de-risked balance sheet, positioning it at the frontline, with its significant contribution to the economy’s growth and financing the most important industries on the island.  
Its success is based on its customer centric approach and the wide range of competitive products and services it offers. The Bank’s transformation journey continues in 2023, intensifying its efforts to migrate customers towards its digital and alternative service channels, along with advanced control system technologies, to respond to its customers’ needs and deliver excellent customer service.  
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At Hellenic Bank our main goal is to have a respectful, diverse, positive, and productive work environment for our people who are the real driving force of our organization.