Keep the PIN of your card as secret from everyone.

Tip: Use your card for online payments only to reliable sites e.g. choose a site you have done online payments in the past, make sure you visit the official site of the merchant, and read customers' reviews for that site.

Tip: Keep your card safe as you do with your personal belongings.


Stay safe when visiting an ATM
  • When entering your PIN, always use your hand as a shield.
  • Make sure the next customer is at a safe distance.
  • In case an ATM is being surrounded by suspicious individuals, especially at night, avoid using the specific machine.
  • Before taking advice from someone standing near an ATM and pretending to work for the Bank, walk in the branch to confirm whether that person is a Bank's employee.
  • When you finish, quickly put out of sight your card, money and receipt before leaving the ATM.


Always be aware of your surroundings!

Temporarily block your card
If you cannot find your card then for peace of mind, temporarily block it yourself using the Web Banking or the mobile app.
Blocking your card will stop:
  • cash withdrawals
  • contactless payments
  • online shopping
  • Mobile wallet payments
  • debit and cerdit card subscriptions (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify)

Blocking your card won’t stop:
  • Direct Debits and standing orders

Enable transaction alerts
Being aware of transaction attempts with your cards enables you to take immediate actions if any suspicious transactions comes to your perception.
Tip: Login to your Web Banking account and enable the transactions you want to be notified of. It’s free of charge!