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Our Basic Account offers the essentials needed for your day-to-day banking, with only €1.50 per month.
Basic Account
  • Low monthly subscription
  • Additional charges
    Do not exceed €18 yearly limit
Only €1.50/ month
Euro Account

Debit Card

Unlimited Euro withdrawals from ATMs of any Bank

Account features
Account access through all available Bank channels 
Payroll automatically credited to account
No charges for vulnerable individuals
Instant SMS alerts for all  transactions
Maximum annual charge for use of services
Monthly statements by email
Option to set up Standing Orders
Withdrawals /deposits carried out without notice
Banking at your fingertips
Hellenic Bank Mobile App

Manage your finances easier and faster with the Hellenic Bank Mobile App. Instant payments to your smartphone's saved contacts via Contact Pay, Biometric Identification for transaction authorisation, account balance and savings tracking from anywhere. Whenever you want, wherever you want... we literally bring simple banking at your fingertips. 

Online Banking

Keep on top of your finances and view all your account activity, cards and loans online. Check your account balances, view transactions, make payments, set up Time Deposits, transfers and more – securely.

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Which type of account suits my needs?

For your everyday transactions, the Bank offers Basic account.

If you wish to have a chequebook and/ or an overdraft limit you should choose to open a current account, since these services are not offered via Basic account.

When opening a bank account, you can choose any debit card you wish based on your needs. The cost of a simple debit card is included in the monthly account subscription.

Why should I open a Basic account?
With a low fixed amount (monthly account subscription) you may access payment services, which are considered essential for the processing of your daily banking needs. One of the most important advantages of the basic account is that it allows you to withdraw money for free from the ATMs of any bank, either within Cyprus or in any other country of the European Union. In addition, the basic account’s fees are provided in the relevant decrees of the Minister of Finance and based on these, the total charges of the account for the basic banking payment services cannot exceed 36 euros per year.
As a university student, which type of account shall I choose?
For young adults between 18-26 years old, our Bank offers “Ocean” debit card which comes with special benefits for you. You can choose to open any type of a payment account and link an “Ocean” debit card to enjoy these benefits.
How can I open a Basic account?
You can apply for the opening of an account in minutes, online via the account opening form.

Alternatively, you can book a meeting at any Hellenic Bank branch.
Can I add a beneficiary to my existing account?
In this case, you may request to open a new joint account by booking an appointment at any Hellenic Bank branch. 
What exactly is included in the monthly subscription?

The cost of the monthly subscription is the one required to cover your basic banking needs. Specifically, with €1.50 per month we provide you with the opening and maintenance of the account, as well as the issuance, renewal and annual subscription of a (simple) debit card.

Basic account holders also enjoy free ATM withdrawals in Euro (€).

It is noted that access to the Bank’s Online Banking can be obtained easily and free by all our customers.

For which services am I charged up to a certain limit?

For the following services, when you use them, you will be charged in accordance with the Hellenic Bank's table of commissions and charges (which can be found here, until the total amount of the charges, for these services, reaches €18 during a calendar year.

  • Execution of incoming / outgoing payments up to €5,000
  • Cash withdrawals executed through branches
  • Cash and cheque deposits executed through branches
  • Execution of standing orders
  • Internal money transfers executed through branches (FREE of charge via online banking)
  • Once the total amount of charges for these services reaches the amount of €18 euros in a calendar year, then you stop being charged for these services until the end of that calendar year.
For which services am I charged extra (without limit)?

For any services, apart from the services whose charges are limited to €18 per year, additional charges apply for all basic account holders, according to the Hellenic Bank’s Table of Commissions and Charges, without limit on the total annual amount of charge per account:

It is clarified that these services include, among others

  • Exchange commission, whenever there is a conversion between euro and foreign currencies
  • Execution of Incoming/ Outgoing Payments more than €5.000
  • Urgent Processing of Outgoing Payments (Same Day)
  • Charges “OUR” (for Outgoing Payments)
  • Annual premium debit card subscription (other than basic debit cards)
  • ATM withdrawals in foreign currency
What is the provision for vulnerable individuals?
For minimum guarantee income beneficiaries (“EEE”) as well as for customers falling under the provisions of law 64(Ι)/2017 (Asylum Seekers, Political Refugees, Holders of Complementary Protection, Victims of Trafficking and / or Exploitation of Persons) the services described in the answers to relevant questions, are provided FREE of charge.

It is clarified that the remaining banking services (see answer to relevant question), are additionally charged for all basic account holders, according to the Hellenic Bank’s table of commissions and charges, without limit on the total annual charge per account.
What happens if a new basic account is opened during the calendar year?

Basic accounts opened during a calendar year will be charged €1.50 at the end of month the account was opened and will have a pro-rata limit on the total charges for the services included in the answer to relevant question, until the end of the calendar year including the month of account opening.

Example 1 - New Basic Account opened on 05/11/2020: Will be charged €1.50/month starting from 30/11/2020 and will also be charged for the services described in the answer to question 6, until the total amount of charges reaches €3 for the period 05/11 – 31/12/2020 (pro-rata limit of charges for 2 months). Starting from 01/01/2021, the relevant limit of charges will be €18 for year 2021.
Example 2 - New Basic Account opened on 08/02/2021: Will be charged €1.50/month starting from 28/02/2021 and will also be charged for the services described in the answer to the relevant question, until the total amount of charges reaches €16.50 for the period 08/02 – 31/12/2021 (pro-rata limit of charges for 11 months). Starting from 01/01/2022, the relevant limit of charges will be €18 for year 2022.

Is there a limit to the number of basic accounts I can have?
Absolutely none. It is noted that for each account the respective monthly subscription will be charged.
What is required for the opening of a Basic account?

To open a Basic account, you must submit the necessary documents for the confirmation of the below information

-Identity information
-Income information
-Contact information
-Professional activity details

For existing customers, an updated version of the above must be submitted

Additional details and information may be requested regarding

  1. The purpose and nature of your business relationship with the bank
  2. Information about your economic/ transaction profile

Within the context of the due diligence framework, the banks are obligated under the applicable regulatory legislation, to request the above data to be updated at regular intervals and keep the relevant copies.

What is the deposit rate of the account?
For your account interest rate, you may refer to the Table of Deposit Rates of Hellenic Bank, which is posted here.
What are the types of charges that I need to be aware of?
For the maintenance of an account, you will have to pay certain maintenance fees differentiated based on the type of account. Account maintenance costs are related to the operation of the account by the Bank.
In addition to the account maintenance fees, you will be only charged for the use of services according to the Bank’s table of commissions and charges which can be found here.
Will I be charged for withdrawing cash from an ATM?
For basic account holders, all ATM withdrawals in Euro (€) are free of charge.
ATM withdrawals in foreign currency are additionally charged according to the Bank’s Table of Commissions and Charges, which can be found here.
Can I choose a premium debit card (e.g gold, platinum) and link it to the basic account?
Any debit card can be linked to the basic account. Please note that in case you choose a premium debit card, the relevant annual subscription is not included in the account’s monthly subscription and is charged additionally. This happens for the obvious reason that these cards offer additional benefits, which can be found here.
Can I open a joint basic account? What happens if more than one debit cards are linked to the same account?

Yes, the opening of joint basic accounts is allowed. For more information on the opening of a joint account click here. In cases where, more than one basic debit cards, are connected to the same basic account, their respective annual cost is included in the monthly subscription and is not charged additionally.

For premium debit cards, the annual cost is always charged additionally and is not included in the account’s monthly subscription.

Can I convert my existing account to Basic?

If you wish to convert your existing payment account into Basic, you may do so as follows:

  • For current accounts or savings accounts by visiting any Hellenic Bank branch
  • For savings accounts only by submitting your request via Online Banking [Other Services/Requests/ Convert your Savings Account to Basic] or via Hellenic Bank Mobile App ["Accounts" / "Savings Account" / Mange / Convert to "Basic" account]

If you proceed with the conversion of your existing account to a Basic Account, your account number and IBAN remain the same, and any direct debits/standing orders will not be affected.

I am interested in a chequebook and/or an overdraft limit and/or a foreign currency account. Are these options available through the Basic Account?
Cheque books and/or overdraft limit and/or foreign currency accounts are only offered via current accounts and are not available through the Basic Account.
Can I open a business Basic account?
Basic account is only offered to natural persons. If you are interest in a business account, click here.
The relevant decrees of the Ministry of Finance provide, amongst others, that in case the total number of transactions for certain services exceeds the limit of 100 in a calendar year, then within this calendar year, charges may be imposed by banks for the transactions exceeding the above limit. What applies for the basic account?
Albeit the right given to banks to impose additional charges as per above, Hellenic Bank’s decision is not to charge additionally for transactions exceeding the aforementioned limit.
Where can I find more information regarding the payment accounts with basic features?
Click here for information material. 
Please note that the purchase of additional services is not compulsory in order to access a payment account with basic features. 
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