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Current Account
  • option for an overdraft limit
  • in euro or foreign currency
Suitable for
Individuals over 18 years old

Multiple beneficiaries who wish to open a joint account

Self employed persons

Key features
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Euro or foreign currency accounts
Payroll automatically credited to account
Debit card for purchases and cash withdrawals
Option to set up Standing Orders
Withdrawals/ deposits carried out without notice
Instant SMS alerts for all transactions
Account access through all available Bank channels
Monthly statements by email
Chequebook (optional)
Overdraft limit with or without collateral (optional)
Apply online on the Hellenic Bank Mobile App

Overdraft made easy

  • Overdraft account in euro

  • Access up to €20.000

  • No personal guarantees or collateral

  • Sign documents remotely via e-Signatures

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Which type of account suits my needs?
Hellenic Bank offers the Basic account for your everyday transactions.
If you require a chequebook and/ or an overdraft limit you should choose to open a current account, as these services are not available through the Basic account.

When opening an account, you can choose any type of debit card based on your needs

As a university student, which type of account shall I choose?
For young adults between 18-26 years old, our Bank offers “Ocean” debit card which comes with special benefits for you. You can choose to open any type of a payment account and link an “Ocean” debit card to enjoy these benefits.
How can I open an account?
You can apply for the opening of an account in minutes, online via the account opening form.
Alternatively, you may book an appointment at any Hellenic Bank branch.
What is required for the opening of a current account?

To open a current account, you must submit the necessary documents for the confirmation of the below information:

-Identity information
-Income information
-Contact information
-Professional activity details

For existing customers, an updated version of the above must be submitted

Additional details and information may be requested regarding

  1. The purpose and nature of your business relationship with the bank
  2. Information about your economic/ transaction profile

Within the context of the due diligence framework, the banks are obligated under the applicable regulatory legislation, to request the above data to be updated at regular intervals and keep the relevant copies

Can I add a beneficiary to my existing account?
In this case, you may request to open a new joint account by booking an appointment at any Hellenic Bank branch. 
What is the deposit rate of the account?
For your account interest rate, you may refer to Hellenic Bank Table of Deposit Rates, which can be found here.
What are the types of charges that I need to be aware of?
For the maintenance of an account, you will have to pay certain maintenance fees differentiated based on the type of account. Account maintenance costs are related to the operation of the account by the Bank.
In addition to the account maintenance fees, you will be only charged for the use of services according to the Bank’s table of commissions and charges which can be found here.

Can I request for an overdraft limit after opening my account?
If you are a current account holder, then you can easily link an overdraft limit to your existing account whenever such need arises. For the granting of an overdraft limit, certain criteria apply.
What are the required collateral for the granting of an overdraft limit?

You can choose to apply for an overdraft account with or without collaterals. It is noted that the debit interest of the overdraft account varies depending on the securities provided.

For the granting of an unsecured overdraft limit, the bank applies specific criteria based on the creditworthiness of the customer.

WARNING: You run the risk of losing your immovable property if you do not pay your loan which is secured by mortgage on your immovable property.

WARNING: Charges may apply if you repay your loan earlier.

WARNING: The instalment amount and the total cost of the loan may increase or decrease, depending on the fluctuation of the base rate.

What are the conditions for the granting of an overdraft limit?
The approval of an overdraft limit is subject to the customer's creditworthiness and the provision of satisfactory securities, if deemed necessary by the Bank.
The offered interest rate, the collateral and the terms of financing may differ based on criteria evaluated and applied by Hellenic Bank.
Hellenic Bank may, at its absolute discretion, reject any application in accordance with its lending policy and assessment criteria at any given time.
For more information, please contact any Hellenic Bank branch.
What is my right for withdrawal from the overdraft limit agreement?
In case your overdraft limit is not secured with mortgage and you act outside your commercial, business or professional capacity, you have the right to withdraw from the overdraft agreement within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of execution of the overdraft agreement, by giving or sending relevant written notice to the Bank.
In case your overdraft is secured with mortgage or you are acting within your commercial, business or professional capacity, you have the right to withdraw from the loan agreement within five (5) business days from the date of execution of the overdraft agreement, by giving or sending relevant written notice to the Bank, unless any amount of such overdraft is used/disbursed before expiry of the abovementioned withdrawal period.

What is the Deposit Guarantee Protection Scheme and how does it work?

Deposits in Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd are protected by the Deposit Guarantee and Resolution of Credit and Other Institutions Scheme (DGS).

Limit protection of EUR 100.000 per depositor per credit institution.

For more information please click here 

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