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A dedicated sandbox environment provides the perfect test environment with data for expirimentation, development and testing.


Create your live application. Once your application is approved, you’ll see your product handling real information, making real payments and carrying out real account reporting.

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Client Authentication with OAuth 2.0
Secure Communication with Digital QWAC Certificates
Payload signing with Digital QSeal Certificates
IP Whitelisting per Application
Two Factor Authentication
Account List
Details per Account
Funds Confirmation
Account Statements
Single Payment Instructions
Mass Payment Instructions
Payment Instruction Viewing
Payment Instruction Cancellation
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Open APIs

Innovate and make new ideas take shape by allowing Hellenic Bank customers, to access information on their own accounts and forward payment instructions through your own, third party application.Openness and flexibility are key features of Open APIs which were designed to offer consumer protection while fostering innovation.


Corporate Hellenic Bank customers can now access information on their own accounts and forward payment instructions in their own environments. Providing modularity for businesses to adapt to banking technology based on their own business needs by reducing workload and increasing productivity. What was in the past considered a lengthy manual task it now becomes an innovative automated process, saving both time and money for businesses.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions
Who can use the APIs?
Our APIs are open to anyone - businesses, start-ups or software developers.
Where can I find more technical information?
What is API Banking?
It is a financial APIs platform offered by Hellenic Bank. Companies or developers interested in using the APIs can register and test them in a sandbox environment. The APIs' openness and modularity allow customers to experiment and innovate. The standards allow them to connect their systems very quickly. Openness to third party solutions (e.g. FinTechs) enables platforms for partnerships and integrated value chains.
How can I join and use APIs?
It is simple. Just register with us and, once we have sent you a confirmation email, you are approved to use the service.
Are there any special Terms and Conditions involved?
Are there any charges for using the APIs?
It does not cost anything to access and use the APIs as much as you like. Once your app goes live, you will pay charges to access certain data.
What happens after I register?
Once your register, we will send you an email. You can then go to the sandbox environment where we will give you virtual credentials so that you can test your app with our APIs. You will be able to access everything the platform offers, for free, from account balances to payments. You can even see your calls to our APIs so that you can see exactly how things are working.
What is the API availability and performance?
Hellenic Bank publishes daily statistics on a quarterly basis regarding the availability and performance of the Open APIs that allows comparison with Hellenic Bank’s Online Banking made available to our customers for directly accessing their payment accounts online. The latest report can be found at this link.
Where can I find more information on how to use the APIs?
Technical information can be found on the Hellenic Bank developer’s portal. Additional information can also be found by searching the Frequently Asked Questions.
What is a sandbox environment
It is a dedicated isolated test environment. It comes with some test data and a dedicated user login so that you can pretend to be an account holder and see what is going on from their point of view. The sandbox offers you the same functionality as the live API, so you can start developing your application without risking losing money or unintentionally altering data.
Are the APIs secure?
Security is important to us. The sandbox and the live environment are compliant with the latest security protocols, such as client authentication with OAuth 2.0, confidentiality with secure communication using HTTPS and QWAC digital certificates, data Integrity with payload signing using digital QSEAL certificates, IP whitelisting per client application and two-factor authentication.
What will Hellenic Bank do with my data?
We will only use your data to manage the activity on the API Banking sandbox and to provide you with the services offered by the API. Feel free to check our Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions.
What can I do with the APIs?
The sky’s the limit. With our APIs you can built web apps, integrate them with your desktop applications and mobile apps. The APIs can be used to enhance ERP systems, build PFM (Personal Finance Manager) apps and banking apps. From digital banking and money management, to account verification and payment processing services, APIs give your financial app more functionality. So that means greater value, a more innovative experience for users, and, ultimately, more user adoption and growth.
How many applications can I have?
There is no limit to the number of applications, apart from your imagination.
In what programming languages do you provide code samples?
We provide code samples in Java, Python and Node.js. Swagger files are also provided in JSON format, within our developer’s portal to help you get started.
I don’t know how APIs work. Where can I get support?
If you have no previous experience using APIs, we recommend you get help from an experienced software developer.
Do I have to be a client to take an API live?
No. As a third-party company or a developer you do not need to be a customer to build software using our APIs, but because you will be using their data and we need to supply it you will be offering your product to customers Hellenic Bank only.
I have registered through the developer’s portal but I cannot log into my account
Ensure that the email account registered is authorised through the registration email, which was forwarded upon registration. Once that is complete a Hellenic Bank team member will contact you via email before enabling your account.
What type of features do the Hellenic Bank open APIs provide?
The Account Information Service (AIS) provides the list of accounts, account details and account reporting. The Card Based Payment Instrument (CBPI) provides the funds confirmation feature. The Payment Initiation Service (PIS) provides sending single payment instructions, mass payment instructions, viewing single payment instructions, viewing mass payment instructions and cancelling payments.
What type of features do the Hellenic Bank open B2B APIs provide?
The B2B APIs provide the list of accounts, account details, account reporting, funds confirmation, sending single payment instructions, mass payment instructions, viewing single payment instructions, viewing mass payment instructions and payments cancellations.
We would like to use Hellenic Bank B2B APIs. Do we need to have the eIDAS certificates?
Hellenic Bank B2B APIs do not require mandatory eIDAS certificates. However, a Mutually Authenticated certificate is required between your company and Hellenic Bank to ensure the communication between the two parties is secure enough.
How do I obtain a Mutually Authenticated certificate?
Technical procedures for obtaining the Mutually Authenticated certificate for Hellenic Bank B2B APIs are provided within the Getting Started guide on our developer’s portal.
What are the Single Payments API features?
This dedicated API allows you to make multi-currency, one to one payments to accounts within Hellenic Bank, to local banks, banks in the EU via SEPA and to other international banks via SWIFT. Features include
i.   Send a single payment to another Hellenic Bank account
ii.  Send a single payment through SEPA to any Eurozone bank
iii. Send a single, multi-currency, payment through SWIFT to any international bank
iv. Retrieve the status of your payment using your transaction reference
What are the Single Payments API in Rubles features?

This dedicated API allows you to make SWIFT payments in Rubles. Features include:
i.  Making a payment to another account in Rubles
ii. Retrieving the status of your payment using your transaction reference

What are the Mass Payments API features?
Our Mass Payments API works just as efficiently and transparently as our Single Payment API. The only difference, of course, is that this one facilitates more than one payment simultaneously. Features include:
i.   Make transactions in multiple currencies
ii.  Make multiple payments to several beneficiaries
iii. Send payments via intermediary banks
iv. Monitor the status of your payments using your messageID
What are the Mass Payments API in Rubles features?

More than one transaction in Rubles? No problem. Our API allows you to send Rubles deposits, easily and quickly, to several beneficiaries. Features include:
i.   Making multiple payments to several beneficiaries
ii.  Carrying out transactions via intermediary banks
iii. Dedicated API transactions in Rubles
iv. Retrieving your transactions status using your messageID

What are the Account reporting API features?

Get a report and detailed information for any kind of transaction you make; Single, multiple or whatever, this API is here to help you! Features include viewing:
i.   Account statements for a specific period
ii.  Details for each transaction
iii. Up to date opening and closing account balances for a specific period

What are the Account List API features?
Build feature rich dashboards to view and manage accounts. Features include:
i.   A complete list of accounts for individuals or corporate customers
ii.  Up to date information for your customers and their accounts
iii. Up- to- the minute current and available balances for each account
iv. Feature rich dashboards with the latest account information
What are the Account Details API features?
Get real time, detailed information for each account. Features include:
i.   Building powerful applications with real time in- depth information and key account data
ii.  Retrieving details for a number of account types including current, loans and fixed deposits
iii. Accessing valuable insights with comprehensive details on available and current balances
iv. Monitoring your user’s balances in real-time, whenever you need to make a transfer
What are the Funds Availability API features?
Get information about the availability of a specific amount before sending a payment. You can ask for any currency or account. Features include:
i.  Checking amount availability in real time
ii. Getting a quick response
What are the Future Payment Cancellation API features?
You can cancel a payment scheduled for a future date which has not been submitted yet. You will be instantly notified if the cancellation is successful.. Features include:
i.  Cancelling a future dated transaction
Instant and real time response
How can I register?
You do not need to be a Hellenic Bank customer to start testing. Simply navigate to the register section on our developer’s portal. Fill out & submit the simple Registration form. You will then receive a confirmation email with instructions on the next steps. Once the Bank reviews your profile, you will receive an activation email.
How can I create a new sandbox application?
To create a new sandbox application, you will have to be registered.
i.   Log in into your account on the developer’s portal.
ii.  After that, you will see an introduction to the sandbox and will be able to view the available accounts to connect with the OAuth2 Server.
iii. Select the “Create” option from Applications Menu.
iv. Complete the form to create an application and start your testing instantly.
How can I create a new application for going Live?
To create a new application for the a live environment, you will have to be registered.
i. Log in into your account on the developer’s portal.
ii. Switch to the Live Environment from the top right corner
iii. Find relevant introduction, as per getting started with your sandbox.
iv. Hellenic Bank Open APIs require you to upload the certificate you received from the QTSP to the portal. Then, the platform will recognise you as a TPP. In order to do so, go to ‘Profile’ and to the 'PSD2 CERTIFICATES' tab. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Once you are successfully validated, you will be able to see a summary of your certificate.
v. Create an app. The fields in the first step are mandatory, whereas those in the second are optional. Your application stays inactive until Hellenic Bank checks your submitted information. We will inform you via email when your application is ready to go live.