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Current Accounts

Hellenic Bank’s Current accounts have been specifically designed to meet your day to day needs and expenses. You can deposit or withdraw funds as often as you like via the branches or the ATMs of the Bank’s Network.


The Current Accounts offer the ability to use the VISA Electron Debit Card for purchases and payments directly from your account’s funds as well as a cheque book for appropriate uses.


Current Accounts
  • Current Account

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    Current Account
    The Current Account covers your daily needs and expenses.

  • Overdraft Account

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    Overdraft Account
    The Current Account with overdraft limit enables you to withdraw cash without having to give notice.

  • Net Account

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    Net Account
    Having as our objective to continuously adapt to the needs of the modern electronic era, net banking offers ...

  • My Account 18-30

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    My Account 18-30
    Hellenic Bank’s new current account «MyAccount 18-30» is specially designed for ages 18-30.

  • Student Pack

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    Student Pack
    Put on our “Pack” and watch your student life skyrocket!

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