Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd


Hellenic Bank offers a complete range of deposit schemes, that meet all your needs. All the deposit schemes offer attractive terms and interest rates.


You can visit any Hellenic Bank branch to open your account!


Apply for Account Opening online.

  • Savings Account

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    Savings Account
    With the Savings Account you can make deposits and cash withdrawals without prior notice.

  • Notice Account

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    Notice Account
    With this account you have to give notice prior to withdrawing cash.

  • Fixed Deposit Account

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    Fixed Deposit Account
    This is a deposit account with a fixed period, ranging between 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.

  • Winners' Team

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    Winners' Team
    Our children deserve the very best. At Hellenic Bank we are very well acquainted with this notion, ...

  • Deposit Interest Rates

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    Deposit Interest Rates
    Deposit Interest Rates

  • Deposit Protection Scheme

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    Deposit Protection Scheme
    The Cyprus Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) aims at the protection of account holders, and pays compensation ...

  • Youth Club

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    Youth Club
    Help your teen to become financially responsible through Youth Club teenage package for children aged from ...

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