Digital Signatures

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature allows you to sign your personal documents, contracts, agreements, orders and forms electronically, by replacing your handwritten signature. You can use any device, such as your mobile phone or personal computer, to sign fast and securely. Digital signatures are as legally binding as handwritten signatures.

It is based on a qualified certificate for electronic signatures which is used to verify the identity of the person who signs the document and confirm the validity of the digital signature. Validation occurs through trust service providers or trust certificate authorities who receive the applications and issue the qualified certificates. In Cyprus, the qualified trust service provider who is responsible, amongst others, for issuance is JCC Payment Systems Ltd (“JCC”).

Benefits at a glance

  • More efficient way to sign documents from wherever you are
  • As legally binding as your handwritten signature
  • Secure and paperless
  • Instant document sign off

How can I apply?

  • Only Hellenic Bank customers registered to our Online Banking can apply for digital signatures
  • Customers must have a mobile number, email address and a valid ID card registered with Hellenic Bank
  • You can apply online through our website or Hellenic Bank’s Online Banking using your Online Banking credentials

How can I get a digital signature?

Start your application online through the website or Hellenic Bank’s Online Banking and follow the simple steps below:

  • Verify your identity using your Hellenic Bank Online Banking credentials
  • Confirm your personal details registered with us
  • Continue to register your account at JCC Trust Portal
  • Verify your email address once you receive the registration link from JCC

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Frequently asked questions
Need help? You can always contact us for any questions you have. But before you do, take a look at our FAQ list to see if your questions have already been answered.
How much does a digital signature cost?
The issuance cost is €23 (including VAT). The digital signature is valid for one year from the date of issue.
What are the characteristics of a digital signature?

As per the eIDAS EU legislation (EU 910/2014), a digital signature:

- proves that a document has not changed since signing
- guarantees the identity of the person who signed the document (signee)
- remains verifiable in the long term for more than 10 years
- is uniquely linked to the signatory, as the signee uses unique credentials to sign

How can I use a digital signature?
Hellenic Bank customers will soon be able to apply for our digital products using the digital signature.
Can I revoke my digital signature?
You can revoke your digital signature by sending an email request to JCC at [email protected] or by calling (+357) 22 868 500.
Can I track the status of my digital signature application?
You can login to the JCC Trust Portal with your JCC credentials and view your application status (i.e. pending/ completed).
Can I re-apply if my application is rejected?
Yes, you can start a new application in the case that your application is rejected.