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Garmin Pay 
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Garmin Pay
Are you a sports and technology fan? Is your Garmin smartwatch already a part of your daily routine? Now, you can leave your wallet, cash and smartphone at home and make your contactless payments through your Garmin smartwatch!  With Garmin Pay you pay, easily and quickly, simply by holding your smartwatch near the POS.  What do you need?

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Garmin Pay Supported Device
How to add a card

1. In the "Garmin Connect Mobile" application menu select "Devices" and choose the Garmin watch you want to add your card to, then select "Garmin Pay". Alternatively, in the "Garmin Connect Mobile" application menu select "Garmin Pay".

2. Follow the on-screen instructions which include the creation of a 4 digit passcode which will be used for your purchases.

3. Complete the process by entering to the application the One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive by SMS on the mobile phone which you have declared to the Bank.

In case you need more information
What is Garmin Pay?
Garmin Pay feature allows you to make payments, at terminals (POS) which provide for contactless payments technology, with your cards, using your Garmin smartwatch devices that support Garmin Pay, easily and securely.
Where can I find a list of compatible Garmin Pay devices?
For a list of compatible Garmin Pay devices, see here
Is there a charge for using Garmin Pay?
No. Hellenic Bank offers this service for free.
How do I make payments with Garmin Pay and how do I use the passcode?
See how to pay and how to use the passcode with Garmin Pay here.
Can I view my recent Garmin Pay transactions?
Yes. You can view your last transactions made with Garmin Pay, on the Garmin Connect Mobile App menu “Transactions” on your device, for each of your cards. No transaction information will be visible on the watch.
Where can I use Garmin Pay?
Use Garmin Pay wherever you see the contactless symbol.
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