Home Equipment Financing
Elevate Your Living Space
At Hellenic Bank, we understand the importance of turning your house into a comfortable and functional home. Our financial leasing makes home equipment more accessible than ever!
Home Equipment
  • Exclusively for Housing Loan customers
  • Fixed interest rate
Turn your house into a fully equipped home
Financing through a financial leasing agreement

Exclusively available to Hellenic Bank housing loan customers

For buying new home equipment

Card Fees
Borrow up to €30,000

Interest rate
Fixed interest rate

Financing duration of up to 7 years

Equip your home with the following:
Home Appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, and cookers)
Electronic devices (TVs, sound systems)
Air conditioners
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Need more information?
Who is the product for?
This product is available to existing Hellenic Bank housing loan borrowers or those who have applied for a housing loan from Hellenic Bank.
What are the financing terms?
Financing is provided through a financial leasing agreement. Full ownership is transferred to the client upon completing all agreed installments, specified contract expenses and in accordance with the terms of the financial leasing agreement.
What is the interest rate?
The interest rate offered varies based on Hellenic Bank's criteria and may differ for each case. For more details, contact a Relationship Officer at one of our branches. 
What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

The maximum amount is €30.000, subject to criteria applied by Hellenic Bank based on its credit policy.

It is noted that, once you submit the necessary information and after evaluation by the bank, the amount that the bank considers that you can serve is determined, based on the cost of living, your income and expenses.

What is the maximum financing duration?
The financing duration can extend up to 7 years but should not exceed the borrower's 65th year of age.
What are the required collaterals?

Financial leasing for home equipment requires the assignment of insurance to Hellenic Bank for the interior of your house during the financing period. Additionally, you can choose to link the financing with a residential property mortgage in order to benefit from a lower interest rate. It is noted that for the approval of applications without the registration of a mortgage, the bank applies internal criteria based on customer’s creditworthiness and according to its internal procedures. Hellenic Bank has the right to reject the application or request for additional securities.

The granting of the financing is subject to the Bank obtaining satisfactory guarantees/securities. Hellenic Bank reserves the right to request for additional collaterals/ securities according to its lending policy at the time. 

What are the relevant charges I need to pay?
For home equipment financing through financial leasing, we will not charge you any arrangement or legal documentation fees. Upon settlement of the financing, ownership of the item is transferred to you with the payment of €30.50 to the Bank as an option fee. Any other fees are always charged based on the terms of your agreement with Hellenic Bank.
Is There a Right of Withdrawal?
  • In case the financing is secured with mortgage, you have the right to withdraw within fourteen (14) calendar days from the signing date of the financial leasing agreement, by giving or sending relevant written notice to the Bank.
  • In case the financing is not secured with mortgage, you do not have the right to withdraw after the signing date of the financial leasing agreement.
Loan Warnings
WARNING: You run the risk of losing your immovable property if you do not pay your loan which is secured by mortgage on your immovable property. 

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