Real Estate Loan
Your finance option for buying property
Whether you are planning the purchase or renovation of a holiday home, land or an investment opportunity, we offer lending solutions for the property of your dreams.

  • Option for a 3-year fixed interest rate
  • For the property of your dreams
Ideal for
Purchase, construction, renovation of a holiday home

Purchase of land for future or immediate use

Buying investment properties or buy-to-let

More on the product
Option for a 3-year fixed interest rate
Grace period during construction phase up to 24 months
Repayment period up to 25 years
Fixed Interest Rate

Choose a fixed rate and lock in your rate for 3 years!

- Fixed monthly instalment for as long as the interest rate is fixed even if the base rate of the Bank increases

- Know exactly what you monthly instalment will be and budget your monthly expenses

- Your loan will have a minimum term of 10 years, and after the initial 3-year fixed rate period, your interest rate will switch to a variable rate

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The data in reference are for guidance only, should only be used for guidance and do not, in any way, constitute professional advice. The exact numbers may differ in real time from the facility being granted.

Please read carefully bellow.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the product addressed to?
The scheme is offered to individuals, permanent and non-permanent residents of Cyprus.
For which purposes can I be financed?

A loan can be granted for:

Purchase, construction, renovation of:
• Holiday home in Cyprus or abroad*
• Property for investment or buy-to-let

You can also receive financing for:
• Purchase of land
• Consolidation of existing debt into one loan
• Transfer of a loan from another bank

*Mortgage in Cyprus is required

How can I apply?
You can submit your request, by completing our online application form and we will contact you, or you can visit any branch of Hellenic Bank. For your convenience, you can book a physical meeting or a virtual meeting with the branch of your choice, through our website.
What types of documents are required?

To evaluate your application, we need from you the necessary documents for the confirmation of the below information

- Identity information
- Income information
- Contact information
- Professional activity details

For existing customers, an updated version of the above must be submitted

Additional details and information may be requested regarding

  1. The purpose and nature of your business relationship with the bank
  2. Information about your economic/ transaction profile

Regarding supporting documents verifying your income, indicatively, the following will be requested: 

Employees of the private/ public sector

  •  Payslips from the last three months
  • Supporting documents for any other source of income (if applicable)

Self- employed

  •  Income Tax form or Social Insurance statement or other supporting documents

Information on the property to be financed/ mortgaged

  • Title deed
  • Planning permit or relevant certificate from an architect
  • Building permit for construction or in case it is pending, an application certificate along with a declaration by a professional
  • Timetable and cost analysis signed by a professional (e.g. Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineer)

For the property valuation, the architectural plans must be submitted.

The above supporting documents required for the assessment of your loan application are indicative and may be differentiated depending on each case. For more details please contact your Relationship officer.

What is the maximum loan amount?
The loan amount is determined based on the value and type of collateral.

It is noted that, once you submit the necessary information and after evaluation by the bank, the amount of loan that the bank considers that you can serve is determined, based on the cost of living, your income and expenses.
What is the maximum duration of the loan?
The maximum duration of the loan cannot exceed 25 years.
For the purchase of plot/land, the maximum duration is 15 years.
In any case, the maturity of the loan cannot exceed the 65th year of age of the borrower.
What is the interest rate of the loan?

The offered interest rate is determined based on criteria evaluated and applied by Hellenic Bank and may differ in each case.

For representative examples click here.

Will my loan have a fixed or variable interest rate?

You have the option to choose between:

  • Variable interest rate based on the Bank’s Main Base rate, plus margin. For variable rate loans the interest rate varies according to the methodology for calculating Hellenic Bank Base Rates which can be found here.
  • Additionally, you can choose a fixed interest rate for the initial 3 years of your loan. During this fixed rate period, both your interest rate and monthly installment will remain unchanged, unless the agreed repayment schedule is not followed. After the fixed interest rate period, the rate will convert to a variable interest rate based on the Bank’s Main Base rate, plus a margin.
How is my loan’s Base rate calculated?

Hellenic Bank’s base rates are based on the CBC Index. The Index is defined as the value of the interest rate applicable to the previous month’s euro-denominated deposits from households with agreed maturity up to 1 year, which is published on a monthly basis on the official CBC website. The average of the 3 last values of the CBC Index is considered the “Reference Rate”, rounded up to two decimal places.

The fluctuation of the Base Rates is calculated as the difference between the value of the last two Reference Rates. Each of Hellenic Bank’s base rates will be adjusted on a quarterly basis on 16 February, 16 May, 16 August and 16 November of each calendar year (the Adjustment Dates). For more info click here.

How can I be informed about the fluctuations of Hellenic Bank's Main Base Rate?
For loans with variable interest rate which are linked to the Bank’s Base Rate, the Bank sends relative letters to inform customers, at every fluctuation of the Main Base Rate. Additionally, the values of the Bank’s Main Base Rate throughout the years are published here.
What collaterals are required for the granting of a real estate loan?

Mortgage on property is required for the granting of the loan. In the case of purchase of a property, the mortgaged property must be insured at least against fire, earthquake and flood, for the total amount of the insurable value of the property according to the property valuation of a professional valuer selected by the bank.
You can also use your savings as collateral and benefit from lower interest rates.

The granting of the loan is subject to the Bank obtaining satisfactory guarantees/securities.
The Bank reserves the right to request for additional collaterals according to its lending policy at the time.

For which cases can a grace period be granted?
Grace period is granted in cases of construction of the property (building phase) and its duration cannot exceed 24 months.
During the grace period only the interest on the loan is paid and capital repayments begin at the end of the period.
Can I repay part or the full balance of my loan earlier?
There might be prepayment fees associated with early repayment, both for partial or full loan repayments.

We recommend checking your loan agreement or contacting your banking officer to understand the specific charges applicable to your loan.
How can I pay my monthly instalment?
For your convenience we recommend that your monthly instalment be paid through a standing order from your account each month. Alternatively, you can pay your monthly instalment via Online banking.
What happens if I don’t pay my instalment on time?
If you delay in paying your monthly instalment, the total cost of your loan may increase, due to additional charges, as per your agreement with the bank.
If you are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot pay you instalment in accordance to the terms of your contract with the bank, please contact us as soon as possible in order to agree on a new repayment schedule that will meet your new financial conditions.
What are the types of charges/ costs that I need to be aware of?

For the granting of your loan, the Bank charges loan arrangement fees and legal documentation fees.
In addition, there are certain fees which must be paid which are regulated by law, such as:

  • Cost for the registration of the property to Land Registry Office
  • Stamps for loan documents paid to the Commissioner of Taxation
  • Property valuation fees as well as life insurance and property insurance Any bank fees are always charged based on the conditions of your contract/ agreement with the bank.

The above fees can be included in the initial loan amount, subject to loan maximum amount criteria.

Do I have a right of withdrawal?

Once you have signed the loan agreement, you have the right to withdraw as follows:

  • In case your loan is secured with mortgage, within five (5) business days from the date of execution of the loan agreement, by giving or sending relevant written notice to the Bank, unless any amount of such loan is disbursed before expiry of the abovementioned withdrawal period. 
What does Annual Percentage Rate (APR) mean?
The APR is the total cost of the loan to the customer expressed in terms of interest rate.
It is considered the best tool for comparing the actual cost of borrowing, as it includes all loan expenses (payments and expenses paid by the customer to the Bank but also to third parties, e.g. government expenses, valuation costs, insurance, etc.).
The APR helps you form a complete picture and compare with different schemes of the bank or schemes offered by other banks.
What should I be aware of if I have a foreign currency loan?
In case the loan, is a foreign currency loan, the possible exchange rate fluctuations could affect the amount payable.
Loan Warnings
WARNING: You run the risk of losing your immovable property if you do not pay your loan which is secured by mortgage on your immovable property.

WARNING: Charges apply if you repay your loan earlier.

WARNING: The instalment amount and the total cost of the loan may increase or decrease, depending on the fluctuation of the base rate.

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