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Human Resources

The Hellenic Bank Group, recognising the decisive role of human capital in the attainment of goals and the success of every organisation, places great importance on maintaining policies and practices that lead to the development and to the best utilisation of the potential of the Group’s human resources.   These policies and practices relate to the selection and recruitment of high calibre individuals, with continuous professional training and development of human resources, the implementation of a performance appraisal system and the creation of a working environment that encourages teambuilding and communication.

Human Resources
  • Our Human Resources

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    Our Human Resources
    The Hellenic Bank Group, in recognition of the decisive role of Human Capital in the success of our organization, provides great importance on the quality of its people.

  • Training & Development

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    Training & Development
    Hellenic Bank gives great importance on knowledge and values, which seems necessary due to the business challenges and developments in the banking sector.

  • Employment Opportunities

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    Employment Opportunities
    The positioning of our Group, at one of the top places of the Banking sector in Cyprus, is mainly due to the caliber of our staff.

  • Performance Appraisal

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    Performance Appraisal
    The management of our Human Capital’s performance and the utilisation of its expertise constitute fundamental principles for the ongoing improvement of our Group’s efficiency.

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