Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd

Set of Values

The Bank’s seven corporate values underpin the way the Bank does business with its customers and counterparties, guide its decision-making and describe the manner in which all persons subject to the Group’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics are expected to behave. 

Set of Values


We act honestly, with decency and in a trustworthy manner, obey defined limits and do not take excessive risks. We ensure that we provide advice, adopt a caring disposition towards others, accept constructive criticism and admit any mistakes or failures. We handle ethical dilemmas effectively and do not exploit one’s trust in order to achieve personal targets or objectives.


Individual Ownership / Accountability

We take personal responsibility for individual and collective actions. We act with courage and confidence, see things through completion, while seeking challenges and new responsibilities.  We take charge of all business-related issues within our own area of responsibility, endeavouring to resolve them as quickly and equitably as possible, keeping the parties involved appropriately informed of progress and outcomes.



We willingly collaborate with others and accept their feedback. We work and consider ourselves as part of a team, share our ideas, knowledge, expertise, concerns and common goals. We feel responsible for the work of the team and show trust to our colleagues in order to maximise our effectiveness and achieve better results.



We have due regard to others including Customers, Counterparties and colleagues. We provide good service at all times, respecting the right of all stakeholders to be treated fairly and equitably. We encourage and value the contributions of colleagues from all hierarchical levels and promote a respectful culture.  We respect other’s opinion and acknowledge their expertise.



We feel committed to our work and are worthy of our role. We acknowledge that the credibility of individual and collective actions remains the Bank’s major investment and that reliability is the basis for building a long term relationship of trust both among the Bank’s staff and towards its customers. We adopt a “results oriented” approach and are consistent with it and deliver what is promised. 



We treat others equally and fairly, regardless of their background and status. We always act ethically and never apply procedures in a devious and untrustworthy manner to favor certain members of staff. As Managers we apply transparent procedures for our people’s assessment and are not discriminative and vulnerable to outside interventions or pressure when recruiting or assessing staff. We also avoid personal biases when taking decisions on performance related issues.



We communicate in a transparent and clear manner and our communications with all stakeholders is accurate, timely and effective. We also make appropriate disclosures in relation to costs and charges and the receipt of commissions. With regards to communication between management and staff, we aim for it to be transparent and two-way, with frequent and honest face-to-face feedback.

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