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digiPIN Disposal policy

Since a digiPIN is an electronic device, you should not dispose it as a normal household waste. Hellenic Bank has developed a process for collection and handling of digiPIN devices. 

digiPIN Disposal policy

According to the Solid and Hazardous Waste Law (N.215(I)/2002) and the Regulations concerning the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) (Reg 668/2004), a digiPIN device is considered as an Electrical/ Electronic equipment and should be treated as described on the abovementioned laws.


As Hellenic Bank considers the environmental consequences, it has developed the following process for the collection and handling of digiPIN devices:

  1. Deliver it to any Hellenic Bank Branch, or
  2. Send it by post to the following address:

Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd

Electronic Banking Division

PO Box 24747

1394 Nicosia



For any further information you may request, please visit Department of Environment  or contact Hellenic Bank Service Line at 8000 9999 (Toll Free) or +357 22 500500 (if calling from abroad), Monday to Friday, 07:45-20:30. 

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