Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd

Net Secure

“Net Secure” for safe transactions and maximum security on the Internet

“Net Secure” is offered free of charge to all Hellenic Bank customers. 

Net Secure

Hellenic Net Banking, by always striving to offer a high level of service to its customers, as well as protection of its customers' financial and other data, has proceeded to launch a new innovative service, "Net Secure", to ensure security in transactions on the Internet.

Hellenic Net Banking by using the "Net Secure" service, you will no longer have to provide your card details (i.e. card number, expiry date) to the website from which you have selected to shop. Simply put, the "Net Secure" service provides you with a virtual number and expiry date, which is valid for only one transaction. The amount of the transaction, the currency (i.e. EUR, USD etc.) as well as the expiry of this virtual number is defined by you, so as to ensure full control and maximum security in your transactions.

Following the completion of the purchase with “Net Secure”, this virtual number gets cancelled and becomes invalid. Simultaneously, the real card that you have selected to charge is debited with the transaction's amount. Hence, since your real card's details do not appear anywhere and under no circumstances, they cannot be stolen by anyone.

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