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Web Banking for Premium Business users

Hellenic Bank using the evolution of technology, has developed the online banking service Web Banking for Premium Business users for banking services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere you may be.


With its direct connection to the Bank’s main servers, Web Banking for Premium Business users offers immediate, comprehensive and reliable information, while it substitutes the bureaucratic and time consuming procedures of classical banking allowing you to perform your banking transactions fast, effectively and above all with maximum security.

Web Banking for Premium Business users

Offering banking services 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, opens new horizons for businessmen in their efforts to expand their business operations.


Web Banking for Premium Business users offers a large variety of banking services with the ability to manage unlimited number of accounts, of many companies using the same access codes, as well as allowing YOU to determine the access rights of the authorized users to this service.


Immediate and real-time information for:

  • account details and balances
  • total balances per company
  • detailed statements of accounts or based on pre-selected criteria (e.g. cheque deposits, incoming transfers, etc.)
  • images of outgoing SWIFT transfers
  • images of cheques presented to the Bank
  • progress of authorized transactions


Execution of transfers & payments:

  • between own accounts
  • to another Hellenic Bank customer
  • to accounts of other local banks or cooperative societies
  • to accounts of banks abroad through SWIFT or SEPA
  • payments of utility and other bills
  • payments to loans, credit cards, finance/leasing accounts and pre-paid cards
  • uploading and automatic execution of electronic payroll files (batch transfers)
  • uploading and automatic execution of electronic multiple transaction files (batch transfers)
  • option to repeat previous transfers / payments
  • search facility for executed transfers / payments 


  • For all transactions there is the option to receive a confirmation alert via SMS message to any mobile number
  • Functionality to create post dated transfers / payments
  • The limits for all transactions as well as the access rights for each authorized user on “Net Banking for Business” are pre-defined by the company or business, while the digital authorization of transactions may be effected by either one or two authorized users simultaneously from anywhere they may be with direct connection to the internet

Other features:


  • scheduling of electronic statements for import on accounting systems for automatic reconciliation purposes
  • scheduling of various reports for statistical purposes
  • creation and maintenance of list of beneficiaries for repetitive transfers / payments
  • creation and maintenance of list of banks for repetitive transfers / payments
  • viewing, creation and cancellation of standing orders
  • viewing and cancellation of direct debits (utility payments)


Other services:


  • order of cheque books
  • stop payment of cheques
  • order of official bank statement for delivery through the post office
  • mark cards as lost / stolen
  • information of past and daily exchange rates
  • catalogue of Hellenic Net Banking charges
  • secure communication with the bank via Bank Mail
  • option to change security password and authorization pin

Alerts for:

  • arrival of funds and/or debit entries
  • account balance for amounts above or below a pre-defined amount
  • opening of new letter of credit
  • specific exchange rates
  • general reminders   


Additionally, “Hellenic Net Banking for Business” offers:

  • the option to restrict the accounts an authorized user can transfer money to by using the feature of pre-defined beneficiaries per account to be debited
  • the option to restrict the accounts an authorized user can transfer money from
  • the option to restrict the viewing of certain accounts for a specified authorized user
  • the use of dual electronic signatures wherever needed
  • the use of security tokens (digiPIN) for extra security on all transactions
  • full Bank Guarantee against internet fraud


For more information please contact any branch of Hellenic Bank, Service Line at 8000 99 99 or visit our website: web.hellenicbank.com 




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