We fund Research and Health

The support of research, particularly that which is related to our healt, is an equally important dimension to our social contribution.To Hellenic Bank Group supports social organisations, foundations and research initiatives which focus on the protection, wellbeing and health of our citizens, especially children.

‘Hippocrates’ Physiology and Biomedical Imaging Laboratory

We funded the ‘Hippocrates’ Physiology and Biomedical Imaging Laboratory at the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department of the University of Cyprus for three years. The Laboratory aims to develop techniques and to promote research of the cardiovascular system and cardiac mechanics in animals such as normal and genetically-altered mice. The research studies changes in cardiac mechanics with variations to the genetic code and resulting ailments, thus assisting in drawing conclusions which will hopefully be proved helpful to humans. The research aims to offer knowledge to the scientific community and to our fellow humans who suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

PNEUMOCYPResearch Programme

We sponsored the PNEUMOCYP Research Programme which studies pneumococcus infections in Cyprus. The Programme was conducted by the Infectious Diseases Laboratory of the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital. Its aims were the study of pneumococcus resistance to antibiotics in Cyprus, as well as the behaviour of the body after infection by the bacterium. This is a microbe which causes serious infections such as meningitis, pneumonia and otitis in both children and adults. The Laboratory researches our defensive mechanisms so that the body can be assisted in being more effective in the event of infection by the bacterium.

National Programme for Hearing Loss Screening

Other collaborations

We continuously support Associations, Societies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), following stringent criteria which have been set. We aslo co-organise blood drives in collaboration with hospital Blood Banks in all Cypriot towns.

Pediatric Oncology Center

Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine