Training & Development

Our objectives

Our major concern in the broader effort for training and development is to improve the knowledge and skills of the human resources. Investment in staff training increasingly contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives of our Bank.

The basic objectives of the training program are:

Contribution of training towards strategic objectives of the Group 

Smooth and efficient flow of the Group’s operations

Improvement of the workforce’s knowledge on matters directly related to its work

Upskilling staff members in line with the vision and values of our Organisation

Creation of a culture of encouraging learning and transferring knowledge

Our training offering

Our seminars are specially designed to meet the specific educational needs of the Group. These seminars are presented either by internal trainers, members of staff with expertise in specific areas or external trainers. The Group supports the participation of the staff in external learning programs carried out in Cyprus, as well as in very specialized learning programs carried out abroad.

Our training programs are mainly covering the following topics:

Development of the personal skills such as customer service, leadership or communication

Credit Academy 

Banking / Financial topics

Health and Safety 

Information Technology