Credit Ratings

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Moody's Investor Service: Long-Term Deposit Rating at Caa1 (positive outlook)

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Fitch Ratings: Long-Term IDR at B; Stable Outlook

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Capital Intelligence: FSR B+ (positive outlook)

Annual Report 2016

General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chairwoman

"Hellenic Bank’s primary objective for 2016 was the shielding of its balance sheet,

laying strong foundations for the future.

Mr Phivos Stasopoulos Group General Manager

In 2016, we continued to actively support recovery of the economy

granting €354 million in new loans, equivalent to the one third (1/3) of the total loans given to the island.

Ms Irena Georgiadou, Chairwoman, Board of Directors

Investing in Hellenic Bank

Investing in Hellenic Bank

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2017 is a year of significant strategic progress



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You may apply to the Investor Relations Team for information regarding the Group’s Financial Results and strategic objectives

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You may apply to the Shares & Bonds Team concerning balances, certificates, dividends or interest of securities as well as copies of the Annual Report of the Group in English and Greek.