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2019 Share Capital Increase

Share capital increase through rights issue of up to €100.031.254,40 and a private placement of €50.000.000,40 and listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange ("CSE") rights and new ordinary shares of the Bank with nominal value of €0,50 each resulting from the rights issue and private placement ("Share Capital Increase")

2014 Rights Issue

Hellenic Bank to raise approximately €220 million of new capital to strengthen the capital position of the Bank and position it for future growth.Following the Rights Offering, the CET-1 ratio of the Bank will increase to approximately 13.2% based on current capital regulation and 12.4% based on CRR excluding transitional arrangements (on an adjusted basis as of 30 September 2014, also taking into consideration the conversion of approximately €24 million of Convertible Capital Securities 1 into shares announced on 26 October 2014).