Share Capital Increase Calculator


1) Fractions of New Ordinary Shares resulting from the conversion of the Rights of each Existing Shareholder will not be issued and the Board will deal with any fractional balances regarding the exercise of Rights at its discretion

2) For further information please study the Prospectus dated 28/01/2019 for the "Share Capital Increase through Rights Issue of up to €100.031.254,40 and listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (“CSE”) Rights and New Ordinary Shares of the Bank with nominal value of €0,50 each resulting from the rights issue"

Number of Rights available for exercise

Ratio of 1 Right to every 1 Existing Ordinary Share

Number of New Ordinary Shares

Arising from the exercise of the Rights (every 25 Rights to be converted to 18 New Ordinary Shares)

Payment for the New Ordinary Shares

Resulting from the exercise of the Rights (exercise price of 0,70 EUR per New Ordinary Share)