Further notification by Mrs Marianna Pantelidou Neophytou, Non-Executive Director of Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited

28 December 2022

Further to the announcement of Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited (the
“Bank”) dated 26 September 2022, the Non-Executive Director of the Bank Mrs
Marianna Pantelidou Neophytou, representative of Wargaming Group Limited
(“Wargaming”) on the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Bank, has notified
the Bank that she will not be taking on additional duties at Wargaming and,
hence, she will not resign from the Board of the Bank, until such time as her
colleague at Wargaming, Mr Christodoulos Hadjistavris, obtains the required
regulatory approval to join the Board of the Bank and replaces her on the Board,
or until such time as her appointment otherwise ends as per the provisions of
the Articles of Association of the Bank.