Proxies for exercise of voting rights

12 June 2020

Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd announces, pursuant to the Transparency Requirements Law 2007, that SENVEST MASTER FUND L.P, SENVEST GLOBAL (KY) LP and Mr. Stefanos Hailis on June 11, 2020 informed the issuer that during the Annual General Meeting of Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd on June 16 2020, Mr. Stefanos Hailis, may exercise at his sole discretion 14.227.651 voting rights of SENVEST MASTER FUND L.P, and 6.682.774 voting rights of SENVEST GLOBAL (KY) LP that correspond to the total of 5,07% of the share capital of the issuer, under the proxies granted by SENVEST MASTER FUND L.P, and SENVEST GLOBAL (KY) LP.

After the end of the Annual General Meeting, Mr. Stefanos Hailis will cease to hold voting rights in relation to the above proxies.