Participation in Tender Process

26 April 2018

Further to press reports and in relation to its participation in the tender process initiated by the Cyprus Cooperative Bank Ltd, in relation to which it has made a relevant announcement on 13th April 2018, Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited (“Hellenic Bank”) notes that it is assessing potential options in the event that it may require any capital for the specific purpose of such proposed transaction. In this respect, it is participating in discussions with potential investors in Hellenic Bank.

At present, no decision has been made on the matter and there can be no certainty that any transaction will take place.

Hellenic Bank notes that any transaction will be subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities. In addition, any share capital increase that may be required will be subject to the prior approval of its shareholders in accordance with applicable law.

A further announcement will be made, if required, under applicable laws and regulations.