The first step in staying safe when banking with us is using only the official channels of the Bank.

HB Official Channels

Hellenic Bank Official Website & Online Banking

Always use our official website, or, to read about the bank, our services, access the Online Banking, or get help.

Before entering any personal information or codes (like your Online Banking username & password) double check that you are at the right site: Carefully look at the address on your browser and confirm that it begins with If it does not, close the page, and do not enter any information.

​​​​​​​Tip: To safely log in to Online Banking, type-in the address manually, use a bookmark you have already set, or use a popular search engine such as Google to search for Hellenic Bank. Ensure the website begins with HTTPS and that address is correct. If you are in doubt, click on the padlock and search for the site owner which should be “HELLENIC BANK PUBLIC COMPANY LTD.”

Be cautious of phishing attacks!

When you receive emails from unknown senders claiming that they represent Hellenic Bank and directing you to a website through a link or attachment in an email, or requesting from you to disclose your personal or other account sensitive information. We strongly recommend to not reply or click on such links, unless you first contact our Customer Contact Center at  8000 9999 or at to confirm if that message was sent from the Bank. To be safe, always visit in order to access Online Banking and don’t trust other links. 

To keep safe while banking online, please consider the following measures:

  1. Your username and password are strictly personal! Do not reveal them to anyone!
  2. Set a strong password for your Web Banking. If you need to store it, then choose an area only you can access.
  3. Never reveal the OTP to anyone! The Bank employees will never ask you for it!
  4. Avoid using Wi-Fi in public places for your payments. We recommend using a 4G connection or a trusted encrypted Wi-Fi instead.
  5. Protect all your devices (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with a security lock like a password, a pattern, or a biometric.
  6. Adjust your device settings so that it locks automatically when the device is not used.
  7. Never leave your device unattended while logged in and always logout once you are done.
  8. If other people may, from time to time, have access on your device, then avoid using functions like "remember my password" or "auto-complete" in your Browser.
  9. Keep the software on your device up-to-date.

Social Media

Get the latest news about Hellenic Bank by following our official accounts on Social Media. These are the only sources you should trust for getting information and contacting Hellenic Bank online. If you ever receive messages or see posts from other accounts, do not respond or rely on the information before contacting the official channels listed on the page to confirm their authenticity.

Our official accounts are:

On Facebook, always look for the blue verification badge next to Hellenic Bank’s account name. This confirms that you are on our official page!

Mobile App

Our mobile app offers simple and smart banking wherever you are. To learn more and get the app, visit  

For security on the go, follow the tips below:

  1. Always use the latest version of our app. The latest version offers both the best experience and the best security. 
  2. Set a lock method on your device (tablet, smartphone), like a PIN or biometrics, to prevent others getting access to your information.
  3. Adjust your device settings so that it locks automatically when the device is not used.
  4. Be careful of the applications that you install on your mobile device. They might be malicious and try to read your messages, or steal your passwords and your personal information.

Customer Contact Center

If you need assistance call us at 8000 9999 (from abroad: +357 22500500).

Tip: If anyone contacts you (by phone, SMS, or email) and claims that they are from the bank, then if you have ANY doubts call us to verify that the request comes from us before you reveal any personal data! Never reveal your PINs, Passwords, or OTPs to anyone!