Online Payments

Be on the lookout for cybercriminals, especially when you will be making payments online

These basic tips will help you make secure payments:

Use your card only on reliable websites, e.g. choose a site you have done online payments in the past or if this the first time, before you pay, do your research by reading published customer reviews. 

Check the website’s address. Make sure you are on the official website of the store or organization you wish to make a payment to. 

Only perform online payments on websites that start with 'https' – ’s’ stands for secure 

Avoid using Wi-Fi in public places for your payments. Use a 4G connection if a trusted encrypted Wi-Fi is not available where you are.

Avoid using a public or a shared computer or device (e.g. from a library or café) to make payments on. 

When you make an online payment with your Hellenic Bank card you may be asked to enter a one-time passcode (OTP). Never reveal the OTP to anyone.