Security Notice

A reassurance about security when using our Connect Channels and a reminder of your responsibilities

We’ll never contact you by phone, text or email to ask you to do the following:

  • Move money out of your account to keep it safe or to protect yourself from fraud

  • Reveal your Credentials (Card PIN, Web Banking Password, One Time Password)
  • Give us access to your device to view or manage your accounts

In case of a payment you do not recognize (unauthorised payment)

  • Notify us immediately by calling the Bank’s Customer Contact Center 8000 9999 or by visiting the nearest Hellenic Bank branch

  • If it was our fault, we will timely refund the payment amount, including all the fees deducted by us.

  • We may not refund the payment amount in case you did authorise the transaction, by following all the verification & approval steps required by the bank or you notified us later than 13 months from the payment execution date or you acted fraudulently or negligently.

    In addition, you will not be refunded if you did not protect your account from being compromised thus making it easier for someone to access your account. This could include a number of reasons, including and not limiting to failing to keep your online banking password/PIN private or by sharing your security/access codes with others.

    Furthermore, having your card or mobile phone lost or stolen and not informing us promptly can also result in not being refunded of the payment amount.

  • For further information please refer to “Terms and conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank's Services

Keep yourself safe

  • If someone contacts you, claiming that they are from the bank and asks you to move money out of your account, end the call immediately – it’s a scam!

  • Do not rely on the caller’s number appearing in your screen. If you aren’t sure who the caller is, end the call and call back on a number you know is genuine, such as the Bank’s Customer Contact Center - 8000 9999.

  • If you get an email or text you weren’t expecting, don’t open any links or attachments in it.

  • Never click on links to login to the Bank’s Digital Channels. Always type the Bank’s website ( in your browser or use the Hellenic Bank Mobile App
  • Read carefully the notifications that appear on your mobile (SMS, Push Notifications) or Web &Mobile Banking. If you are not the one making the actions described, never use or share the OTP provided. Instead, call immediately the Bank’s Customer Contact Center 8000 9999.