Hellenic Life

Dear customers, if you wish to have your Tax Certificates reissued, for your faster service, please send your request to life@hellenicbank.com via your personal e-mail, including your identification details (Name and Surname, ID Number, Date Of Birth). Officers of the Customer Service department of our Company will respond to your request the very soonest possible.

The Company

Hellenic Life is the Life Insurance company of our Group. It was created through the strategic partnership of MetLife Alico and Hellenic Bank in 2000. The company’s goal is to continuously innovate and offer its customers products that respond to their needs and lifestyle.

Hellenic Life Insurance Company Limited (“Hellenic Life”), the Life Insurance Company of Hellenic Bank Group is certified with the quality management system ISO 9001. Hellenic Life is strongly committed to establish and maintain a culture of quality and aims to offer all customers a quality service, which fully and constantly meets or exceeds their needs and expectations, while at the same time follows all legislative and regulatory requirements.