Human Resources

Training & Development

Hellenic Bank gives great importance on knowledge and values, which seems necessary due to the business challenges and developments in the banking sector.

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Performance Management

Performance Management constitutes a fundamental part for the effective management and development of our People and in extent for the ongoing enhancement of our Group’s efficiency. Our Performance and talent management tools contribute towards communicating a common direction towards the strategy of the Group, through the setting of individual objectives which are directly linked with our corporate priorities, as well as through the evaluation of pre-defined competencies, which are aligned with our Corporate Values. The Group deploys a computer based Performance Appraisal System, which places particular emphasis on two-way communication, targeted development through the setting of personal development objectives, as well as includes a number of security clauses, so as to ensure objectivity and consistency. It is a comprehensive process that starts from setting, evaluating and developing the desired competencies, to then recognizing their effective employment.