Vision & Values

Our values

We want to be the preferred choice of our customers as a result of the customer experience that we offer- and to be recognised as the safest, most reliable partner, working with passion, commitment and respect

Passionately serving you whenever you need us and when it really matters.

Committed to our tradition as your safest and most reliable partner.

Displaying personal, human touch and respect.

What we offer

Alongside traditional banking products, the Hellenic Bank Group also provides a wide range of financial services that include factoring, brokerage services, insurance, portfolio management, investment banking, mutual funds, private banking and custodian services.

The Hellenic Bank Group has adopted a customer centric structure to enable it to meet the differing requirements of its wide and diverse client base. To this effect, a number of Business Divisions have been formed to cater for particular client segments, supported by a number of corporate support Units.