Business Development, Investments and Advertising Report

1st Half 2017



Business Growth Expectations

Overall Optimism


Executive Summary

Economic Growth and Investments
Obvious signs of optimism for the economic conditions of their companies, as opposed to the recent past. A greater optimism, however, is observed towards the overall economy of the country.

Regarding investments, companies appear mostly conservative towards traditionally large investments. Investing on their company’s image, technology and innovation are mentioned as the most proper type of investments for the next 12 months. Accounting / Auditing Services are reported as the most used professional service, followed by Legal services and Technology services. Smaller penetration for more consulting type of services such as Strategy consulting and Communication / Advertising Services.

Advertising / Promotion Channels and & Social Media
The internet and social media are mentioned as the two major advertising and promotion channels, followed by printed media and advertising flyers. Among social media, Facebook is by far mentioned as the most used medium for companies’ presence.