Retail Report

2nd Half 2017




Purchase Online

Forecasts and Trends

Executive Summary

The overall research findings during the first half of 2017 remain valid since the first signs shown by consumers indicate that there will be an increase in market mobility in the retail trade industry and the economy in general. An increasing feeling that the cost of purchases are on the rise in this industry, is also evident in the current research results.

This mobility seems to be initially obvious in the daily spending routines of a household (household shopping and basic needs) with several visits to various stores / supermarkets, while the intention for larger purchases remains at relatively low levels.

The importance of supermarkets’ special offers remains high for the vast majority of consumers.

A market concentration trend towards the major channels such as malls and supermarkets is also evident, with a higher intention at younger respondents. At the same time, a gradual shift towards selective online shopping-mostly based on an economic incentive-is also present.