Retail Trade Report

Q1 2019




Purchase Online

Forecasts and Trends

Executive Summary

As in the previous survey the research findings show a growing realisation amongst consumers that there
is a market mobility in the retail trade industry and the economy in general. As observed a year ago, there
is a mounting expectation that prices on consumer goods will increase and only one third of the sample
believes that this is a suitable period for big purchases.

Similar to the previous survey, the intention to purchase goods (technology gadgets, electronic and white
goods, furniture, automobile) within the next 1 year remains at rather low levels. As in the previous
survey, consumers are more likely to purchase technology gadgets (PC / Tablet / Mobile) with more than
1 out of 3 showing intent to purchase.

Almost matching the previous survey, there is a stable and high usage observed in the daily spending
routines of a household (supermarkets and bakeries) with a reported high visitation frequency. There is
a downward trend in terms of kiosk / convenience stores and discount stores use compared to the
previous survey, while mall visitations remain stable.

Of those visiting supermarkets, offers still remain of high importance for most of the consumers. With
regards to malls, we observe a stable visitation flow, continuing on from last year, with higher intention
to visit evident at the younger age groups.

Traditional channels are still preferred amongst consumers for their selective purchasing habits. However,
there is a measured shift towards selective online shopping - mostly based on an economic incentive.