Technology Report

Q1 2019


Intention to Purchase Selected Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Devices for Web Browsing

Technology Divices

Internet Users

Executive Summary

In terms of household technology device (Smartphone, laptop / computer, smart tv) ownership,
smartphones remain the device owned the most, showing a slight increase in usage, compared
to the previous survey.

It seems that the intention to buy an electronic device within the next 12 months isn’t very high,
as only 1 out of 5 intend to purchase a smartphone and less than 1 out of 10 are leaning towards
purchasing a laptop / computer. Smartphones are the preferred electronic device in terms of web
browsing for most of the sample, with laptop / computers firmly in second place.

Amongst those who use social media platforms, there is slight increase in Facebook users, which
remains the platform of choice, while it is also observed that Instagram is slowly on the rise as
almost 4 out of 10 users have an account, in comparison to the previous survey.

When using the internet for banking purposes, both web banking and mobile banking, show an
increase in usage amongst internet users, when compared to the previous survey.