Tourism & Leisure Report

Q1 2019


Winter Holidays

Short Breaks

Expected costs

Usage & Reported Frequency of Visit

Executive Summary

There is high preference of dining areas amongst consumers as 8 out of 10 respondents say that
they visit taverns and restaurants, a similar trend noticed in the previous survey. Cultural activities
(cinema / theatre, concert / festivals and music stages) and Youth entertainment places (club / bar /
pub) are visited by almost half of the sample, showing a slight upward tendency compared to the
previous survey. Recreational areas continue to have a low reported use as only 1 in 3 mention that
they have gone to a playground or sporting event and 1 in 5 to a gym.

Half of the consumers expect to have the same expenditure over the next 12 months compared
to last year when visiting dining areas. For the cultural, recreational activities and Youth
entertainment, consumers will spend considerably less as only 1 out of 5 mention that they expect
to spend the same in these places over the next 12 months compared to last year.

With regards to holidays, 3 out of 4 mention that they had a summer vacation and only 1 out of 4
report intention for winter holidays with duration of more than 3 days. Winter holidays abroad are
mainly preferred for relaxation / recreation and visiting friends / relatives, in contrast to the winter
holidays in Cyprus which are mostly preferred due to personal reasons and financial circumstances.