International Payments

Lower transaction costs, improved operational efficiency

Efficient and effective payment and settlement systems are performance critical and an essential operational component for success.

Key Features

In the international payments area, Hellenic Bank developed and implemented systems which lower transaction costs, improve operational efficiency of trade and commerce and provide support to global business.

Accurate and cost effective processing of international transactions

Same day value inward and outward transfers in all freely convertible currencies including Russian Rubles

Late cut-off times and STP execution (where available)

Immediate confirmation of executed payments via the net banking platform

Extensive networks of correspondent banks

Deutsche Bank "EUR STP Excellence Award" for exceptional quality

Participation in SWIFT, EBA (step1), SEPA and TARGET


Over the years, the Bank has been repeatedly awarded for the exceptional quality of its payment messages from various organizations including: Deutsche Bank “EUR STP Excellence Award” for exceptional quality.CITI Bank N.A. “Citi Performance Excellence Award”.