Personal Cards

Cards Alerts

Keep an eye on your card transactions with automatic alerts from us.

With our Card Alerts service, we let you know by text if your card is used according to limits you set.

Want to keep on top of your money? Text alerts can help.

Anytime, Anywhere

Card payments over a certain amount

When the available balance on your credit card goes below your chosen limit

Available balance on days you choose – eg Fridays, end of the month, or every day

You can also set limits for purchases and cash withdrawals for your debit cards – so we’ll text you when you reach your limit.

1. For amounts exceeding a specific amount that you will set
2. These services are valid only for credit cards. A separate procedure is employed for debit cards through the Hellenic Web Banking «Alerts» service.

Want to give it a go?

You can activate the Card Alert service you desire instantly

  • Tell us the alerts you want at a branch

  • If you’re registered, via Hellenic Net Banking
    –activate them online via the Alerts section

  • Call us on 80009999 to set up alerts for a phone that’s registered with us.