Personal Cards

Cards Alerts

Monitor your account activity in real-time with Hellenic Bank’s Card Alerts service.

Activate your Card Alerts to receive instant SMS or Push notifications whenever you make a payment or ATM cash withdrawal, for a more secure banking experience.  Our Cards Alerts service allows you to set your own transaction limits and decide how you want to be notified - by SMS, Email, Bank Mail or Push Notification.

Stay on top of your finances and keep your accounts secure. Register for Online Banking and manage your alerts in order to receive notifications when:

  • Card payments exceed a predefined limit
  • Your available balance goes below the set minimum balance on your account
  • You want to receive recurring balance notifications on specific days of the week– for instance every Friday, at the end of the month, or daily
  • You make purchases or cash withdrawals, exceeding the limit you have set

Start receiving alerts today:

  • Download the Hellenic Bank Mobile App and enable alerts on your device
  • Set up your Card Alerts via Web Banking under the “Alerts” section
  • Call our Customer Contact Center at 8000 9999 (toll free) or +35722500500 (from abroad), for assistance with setting up alerts for a phone that’s registered with us.