Mortgage Solution ONE

For your current and future needs

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Up to 24 months grace period

Single monthly instalment

Long repayment period


Loan amount

up to 80% on the primary residence value

The remaining 20% (own contribution) is either paid by the customer in cash or financed by the Bank with mortgage on an additional property

Maximum loan duration

30 years or until the customer reaches 65th years of age (whichever comes first)


Variable interest rate for the whole duration of the loan

Mortgage Solution ONE! For your current and future needs!

At Hellenic Bank, we realise the importance of having the strength to overcome your present challenges and realise your desires, both short-term and long-term.

Mortgage Solution ONE! A single mortgage solution for your housing and anything you might need, based on the value of your primary residence.

Mortgage Solution ONE, the solution for you housing needs and anything else you might need today and tomorrow.

Financing Purposes

Mortgage Solution ONE is a complete lending solution!

Purchase, construction, renovation of primary residence

Purchase of land, for the construction of primary residence

In combination to housing financing needs, the financing of consumer needs such as the purchase of furniture, solar panel installation etc., is allowed

Transfer of existing facilities (housing, consumer, a.o.) from another bank

Green Home

Are you interested in an environmentally friendly home?

Hellenic Bank endorses and rewards your choice, with a lower interest rate on your housing loan. Choose “Green Home” loan for the purchase of your energy efficient home.

Calculate your instalment

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Help and support

Need help? You can always contact us with any questions you may have, but first check our FAQ list to see if the answer's already here.

What documents do I need to provide?

Identification documents

•   Identity card for Cypriot Nationals
•   Passport for foreigners
•   Proof of permanent residence (recent utility bill)

Source of income

Employees of the private/ public sector

•   Payslips from the last three months
•   Supporting documents for any other source of income (if applicable)

Self- employed

•   Income Tax form or Social Insurance statement or other supporting documents

Information on the property to be financed/ mortgaged

•   Title deed
•   Planning permit or relevant certificate from an architect
•   Building permit for construction or in case it is pending, an application certificate along with a declaration by a professional
•   Timetable and cost analysis signed by a professional (e.g. Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineer)

For the property valuation, the architectural plans must be submitted.

The above supporting documents required for the assessment of your loan application are indicative and may be differentiated depending on each case. For more details please contact your Relationship officer.

What are the types of charges/ costs that I need to be aware of?

For the granting of your loan, the Bank may charge you legal documentation and/or loan arrangement fees depending on the type of loan and as denoted by the features of each product.

In addition, certain fees must be paid to others and such fees mainly relate to property valuators for the valuation of the property, life/ property insurance costs and Government fees regulated by law, such as:

•    Cost for the registration of the property to Land Registry Office
•    Stamps for loan documents paid to the Commissioner of Taxation
•    Fees paid to the Land Registry Office in cases where transfer of ownership is needed

The above costs will be explicitly referred in the respective loan documents and you also have the option of including certain fees in the amount of the loan.