Mortgage Solution ONE

One Mortgage Solution for 

today's desires and tomorrow's needs

Calculate your instalment

Low interest rate from 1.95%

Single monthly instalment

No initial bank charges (for amounts > €50.000)

Long repayment period


Loan amount

up to 70% on the primary residence value

Maximum loan duration

30 years or until the customer reaches 70 years of age (whichever comes first)

Pricing options

1.95% fixed interest rate for the first 3 years of the loan and variable for the remaining period (conditions apply)

Variable interest rate for the whole duration of the loan

Mortgage Solution ONE! One complete lending solution

At Hellenic Bank, we realise the importance of having the strength to overcome your present challenges and realise your desires, both short-term and long-term.

Mortage Solution ONE! A single mortgage solution for your every need, based on the value of your primary residence.

If you already have other loans, you can consolidate them all into one single instalment at a low interest rate.

Mortgage Solution ONE, the solution for anything you might need today and tomorrow.

Financing Purposes

Mortgage Solution ONE is a complete lending solution!

Purchase, construction, renovation of primary residence

Purchase of land, for the construction of primary residence

Equity withdrawal for the purchase, construction, renovation of residential property (other than primary residence) in Cyprus or abroad

Financing of educational needs/ tuition fees, hospital and other medical needs, purchase of goods

Transfer of existing facilities (housing, consumer, a.o.) from another bank

Purchase or construction of residence or other immovable property for trading, investment or other profitable reasons    (e.g. buy-to-let) is not covered.

One Mortgage Solution: Meeting Today’s and Tomorrow’s Needs