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Fixed Interest rate

Annual discount on motor insurance

Fixed monthly instalment for the whole duration

Repayment period of up to 7 years

No initial Bank charges

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Get on track for a new car with a fixed interest rate, an annual discount on car Insurance, and a repayment period of up to 7 years. 

We offer Car Hire Purchase with quick, simple procedures and significant benefits so you can make your new dream car yours, in no time.

The package includes:

    Fixed interest rate

    • Fixed monthly installment for the whole duration of the loan
    • 15% Annual Discount on your car insurance, through Pancyprian Insurance*
    • Repayment period up to 7 years
    • No initial Βank charges
    The above offer applies for new cars. Different pricing and terms apply for used cars please contact any Hellenic Bank branch.
    *Terms and conditions apply. Pancyprian Insurance reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withdraw/amend this offer at any time

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    New Car Loan Calculator

    *This is the total price of the car.

    Used Car Loan Calculator

    *This is the total price of the car. The car must not exceed 7 years of age.

    **Cars more than 4 years of age, can have a maximum loan duration of 5 years.

    Indicative APR:

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    Indicative Total Payable Amount:

    The data in reference are for guidance only, should only be used for guidance and do not, in any way, constitute professional advice. The exact numbers may differ in real time from the facility being granted.
    1. The interest rate which Hellenic Bank will offer you, may differ based on criteria evaluated and applied by Hellenic Bank. Therefore, calculator results are indicative.
    2. For the purpose of calculating the indicative monthly instalment, a hypothetical aggregate annual interest rate (Aggregate Interest Rate) is assumed.
    3. Hellenic Bank has the right to charge default interest rate, over and above the Aggregate Interest Rate, on any overdue amount.
    4. For the calculation of A.P.R. and Total Amount Payable a €30,50 option fee has been included. The indicative A.P.R. shown above, does not include: any arrangement fees, any legal documentation fees, stamp duties for the credit facility documents or any life insurance premiums.
    5. The A.P.R. has been calculated based on the hypothetical credit amount, the credit period, the indicative (hypothetical) total interest rate of the loan, charges, fees and other commissions referred above. The A.P.R. will be altered in case any of the above variables (i.e. the annual interest rate, the credit period, the level and frequency of instalments and any other charges, fees and commissions) change.
    6. Approval of the loan is subject to Hellenic Bank receiving satisfactory securities. Hellenic Bank may, at its discretion, reject a loan application according to its existing lending policy at that time.