Cookies are small text files which are stored on your device when you visit the Bank’s digital channels. They enhance your navigation experience by remembering your preferences and displaying relevant content. These stay on your device until they are deleted.

The Bank does not use any cookies other than the mandatory ones which are necessary for the Bank’s website to become functional. By not accepting these cookies or disabling them may affect how the Bank’s website functions.

The following mandatory cookies are necessary for the website’s functionality:

bbl_usrnm_id_01Remembers the username/subscriberID, if the user has opt-in for this  functionality. This is only used when the user is logged in to the Online Banking through the website. 24 hours
cookiesconsentbannerRecords the user preference if they have clicked on the cookie popup to accept all mandatory cookies of the website. This record will be retained for 1 year.1 year
userTypeDefines and records the type of user (personal or business user). This is only used when the user is logged in to the Online Banking through the website and set the preference to hold their information for future reference.    24 hours
BBXSRFPrevents platform counterfeit attacks.    Session
anonymousUserIdRecognises an anonymous user when the user visits again the website.    1 year
JSESSIONIDMaintains the user session by the server to temporarily carry information between website pages and avoid having to re-enter that information.    Session
weblive [number] 

Manages the web traffic management within the same website visit session.     Session

To enable or disable or delete cookies, follow the instructions provided by your browser.