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Need help? You can always contact us for any questions you have. But before you do, take a look at our FAQ list to see if your questions have already been answered.

Is this transaction affecting me in anyway?

Hellenic Bank grows and becomes even stronger. This will give us the opportunity to allocate even more resources to serving existing and new customers in all dimensions and will enable us to offer even more targeted products.

Along with the gradual completion of the Absorption Plan, customers automatically gain access to the largest branch network.

Will you change interest rates due to the transaction?

Any changes will be communicated to all customers and will be based on market conditions.

Will you be able to cope with high quality service and at the same time progress with integration? Or shall we expect disruption and deterioration of the quality of service?

We will certainly cope. Indeed, it will be a challenging effort, but we strongly believe that CCB & HB staff will offer the best service to all customers.

There is an ex CCB branch that suits me. Can I move to that branch?

HB customers will be able to be serviced from CCB branches and vice versa, when the full amalgamation of systems and processes is complete.

As an HB customer, what services can I get at ex CCB branches?

At this stage and until the full integration of the two Banks’ systems, customers will continue to be served at their existing branches.

As an HB ATM cardholder, will I be able to enjoy the same services at CCB’s ATMs that I currently enjoy at HB’s ATMs?

Our goal is to ensure that all customers can use both CCB and HB ATMs. No charge will be imposed when using either HB’s ATMs  or CCB’s. This will be effective from September up until the integration is completed.

Are you confident that you will manage the integration?

Our goal is, through the enhanced Branch and Service Network resulting from the integration, to offer the best possible banking service and experience. HB, its staff and Management, in full co-operation with CCB’s staff, will collaborate in order to complete the integration for everyone’s benefit.